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About Us

Our Firm

AKSAN CONSULTING exists to help companies and their stakeholders understand and penetrate in an increasingly complex economic, legal and regulatory environment of Turkey. We are the trusted advisor entrenched in many of the game- changing events that make headlines, move markets and create business history in Turkey.

Unrivalled Talent

AKSAN advisors draw upon their multidisciplinary proficiency and capabilities to address high-stakes challenges. Bolstered by industry-leading technologies, our professionals offer clients their unparalleled expertise as former chief executives, accountants, prosecutors, law enforcement officials, government agents, crisis communications professionals and reputation management experts.

These recognized authorities in their respective fields surround today’s highly charged issues in a way that only those with the right mix of professional credentials, industry knowledge and applied experience possibly can.

Remarkable Response

AKSAN takes direct action with a powerful balance of high-level advisory services and daily hands-on problem solving that work in combination to overcome business challenges for both immediate and sustainable impact. AKSAN has successfully executed solutions for many of the highest-profile corporate challenges over the past decade.