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    AKSAN CONSULTING exists to help companies and their stakeholders understand and penetrate in an increasingly complex economic, legal and regulatory environment of Turkey. Providing consultancy services for our customers to increase their market share, income and profitability through the development of international strategies and collaborations. We are the trusted advisor entrenched in many of the game- changing events that make headlines, move markets and create business history in Turkey.

    AKSAN CONSULTING designed and implemented successful strategies for many of the highest-profile corporate transactions of the past decade. Our customers include many companies listed among the Turkish 500, as well as major multi-national corporations seeking both immediate and sustainable results in new markets. Serving more than 400 companies in every major business center around Turkey, we are proud to have earned the trust of some of Turkey's most powerful corporate leaders.

  • International Sales and Marketing

    Conducting research to evaluate new business opportunities, developing strategies and collaborations related to the growth of the company in terms of turnover and profitability and in line with the national and international targets of our customers, providing consultancy services in the following fields of activity with our experienced and professional team:

    Investment Banking services include :

    ✓ Establishing predictions and determining field strategies regarding the developments in the market.
    ✓ Creating a new distribution channel and/or market for existing and new products/services.
    ✓ Creating joint projects and cooperation with different business lines or companies.
    ✓ Supporting the increase of sales of products and services to new or existing customers by improving existing approaches.
    ✓ Providing support in creating a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Corporate Brand And Communication Management

    Employee Trainings: Rules of etiquette, effective written and verbal communication, methods of persuasion, motivation management, sales and marketing.

    Pitch Deck: We provide a comprehensive service for preparing pitch decks, which is a short presentation that companies use in face-to-face or online conversations with potential investors, customers and partners, giving the audience a quick overview of your business plan.

    Employee Loyalty Surveys, Analysis and Action Reports: Identifying and reporting development areas by determining employees' loyalty to the brand and company through surveys. Creating the necessary action plan for companies.

    Influencer Marketing: We make use of the power of the new opinion leaders of the digital world and ensure that the target audience of your brand realizes the desired consumption behaviors. This relationship, built on trust and sincerity between the influencer and the masses, will provide a more permanent and sales-oriented effect than traditional marketing methods, especially for the Z generation who spends time on social media. We create a campaign by identifying the most effective influencers for your brand and share the results with advanced analysis reports. We support you to increase both your brand awareness and sales with an impressive advertisement.

  • Business Process Design And Efficieny

    By reviewing the unique structure and existing processes of our customers in detail, we support the planned and systematic execution of the works by simplifying the processes that reduce the efficiency of the business or by incorporating new processes that are needed into the system. We do all the necessary work for you to have an optimum cost and an automated workflow between technology, software and business processes, and we support your digital transformation. By mapping business processes, analyzing end-to-end processes, discovering improvement areas, redesigning processes that are in line with company strategies and working efficiently, determining process performance indicators (KPIs) within the scope of continuous improvement approach, regular monitoring and development; It is aimed that our customers use all the resources they have more effectively and efficiently.

  • Company Valuation And Due Diligence

    We carry out the professional valuation and due diligence studies you need for investment in your company, selling your company, buying a company or changing the shareholding structure. With an approach designed specifically for you, we enable you to understand or accurately describe the value of the asset in question. Financial information alone is not sufficient for a successful valuation study. Detailed examination of the company, market, competitors, financial, legal and technical information is required. As an investment company, we use the experience and knowledge we have gained from examining thousands of companies to obtain results that suit your needs. We help you make the right decision at the right time in the face of opportunities that will create strategic change by thinking like an investor.

    Services we offer within the scope of Company Valuation and Due Diligence consultancy:

    ✓ Determining the factors that increase the company value
    ✓ Creation of a comprehensive investment strategy
    ✓ Business model analysis and identification of alternative business models
    ✓ Determination of medium and long-term strategic roadmaps
    ✓ Preparation of business plans and creation of financial projection models
    ✓ Cash flow modeling and financial analysis
    ✓ Sensitivity and scenario analysis
    ✓ Determination of minimum and maximum company value
    ✓ Preparation of investor presentation, information booklet, management presentation and other documents
  • Tax Advisory

    Turkish Tax Advisory: We advise our customer on their Turkish tax issues including but not limited to corporate income tax, income tax, value added tax, stamp duty, real estate tax, custom duties, municipal taxes, transfer pricing, banking and insurance transaction tax and resource utilization.

    International Tax Structuring: We advise on the implementation of a tax structuring for the companies operating more than on jurisdiction which experience complex tax issues both in their own jurisdiction and the other jurisdictions that they do business that causes the requirement for a coordinated global delivery of services incorporating both knowledge of local legislation and appropriate international laws and regulations.

    International Corporate Structuring: As Aksan Consulting, we work with our customers on their business goals for international structuring and identify the best jurisdiction that matches customer needs for tax and legal purposes.

    Tax Litigation & Dispute Solutions: We provide our customers advisory and litigation services on any Turkish tax and customs duty help to prevent and/or manage any disputes with the authorities.

    M&A: We advise our customers on a full range of deal-related tax issues and who are used to work in close collaboration with our customers and their other providers where we give advice on pre-deal tax planning and deal models, tax due diligence and post-deal transactions.

  • Intellectual Property Services

    Intellectual property rights are important assets that is crucial in today's world. Therefore, the protection of intellectual property rights is also of great importance. In this context, it is necessary to be conscious about how to protect intellectual property rights and is required take necessary actions. As Aksan Consulting, we provide consultancy services to our wide customer portfolio for the protection of intellectual property rights and provide our customers with all kinds of legal assistance services they need.

    By employing our experience in intellectual property services, we shape and implement the road map to be followed as to the needs of our customers. At the same time, we constantly encourage our team, and we carry out special training and development studies for our team members working in the field of intellectual property in order to stay up-to-date and become renowned in this field. If requested, in order to raise awareness of our customers in the area maintaining its dynamism, we provide them with training services, and we inform them about developments in the field of intellectual property. Besides providing services in Turkey, Aksan law firm serves globally in the field of intellectual property rights. Together with our business partners located in different countries, we can also supply with the needs of our customers internationally.

    The services provided by the Intellectual Property Department of Aksan Consultancy Office can be categorized into four main groups: "Prosecution", "Litigation and Enforcement", "Investigation" and "Intellectual Property Problems". The services we supply are described in detail below.

    Prosecution / Trademark And Patent Attorney Services: By means of our intellectual property team within Aksan, we carry out all kinds of application, registration and registration procedures regarding intellectual property rights, and we represent our domestic and foreign customers in the presence of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. In this context, we can list the services we provide to our customers as follows: 2 / 2

    Preliminary research and consultancy services about registrability on trademark, industrial design, utility models and patent registration

    ✓ Similarity monitoring services related to trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and patents
    ✓ Preparation and filing of trademark, industrial design, utility model and patent applications
    ✓ Preparing and filing an opposition at Turkish Patent and Trademark Office against similar applications with customers' trademark, design, utility model and patent applications
    ✓ Preparation and filing of the opinions against third-party opposition to the trademark, industrial design, utility model and patent applications
    ✓ Preparation and filing of a well-known trademark application
    ✓ Renewal of trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and patents
    ✓ Any other required transactions at Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
    ✓ Process monitoring of international trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and patents applications (This service is provided together with our business partners worldwide, if necessary.)
    ✓ Compulsory or optional registration applications regarding copyrights,
    ✓ Drawing up, review or revision of contracts such as license, transfer contracts and franchise agreements,
    ✓ Monthly consultancy services for the needs of our customers in Intellectual Property Law and related fields,

    Investigation & Fighting Piracy: Nowadays, as a result of developing technology and globalization, there has been a great increase in copying, imitating and thus infringing intellectual property rights by third parties who are not entitled to rights.

    In addition, necessary actions and preliminary research are carried out and our customers are informed about the matter before any action is taken regarding whether their intellectual property rights are infringed.

    Within this scope, we provide services to our customers in conducting market investigation, sharing materials and documents acquired during the research with the customers and providing consultancy service related to determination of the legal remedies to be taken against this infringement.

  • Sanctions Advisory

    We help our customers whose operations are subject to a wide variety of economic sanctions-related requirements to make a risk assessment and reduce our customers’ risks related to sanctions and improve its ability to meet regulatory expectations and controls by designing, implementing, enhancing and testing sanctions programs.